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Growing old gracefully…

Hey, so this was an interesting weekend! On Friday 29th January 2010 I turned to the dramatic age of 21! I don’t feel at all different, not that I was expecting anything different but I very much enjoyed celebrating with my house mates and a few others that came along for the celebrations.

It seemed like a very busy day although there really wasn’t all that much going on when I think about it. My parents drove up from Stourbridge to Sheffield to take me out for a bit of a birthday meal and to pass along all the cards from family members – very much surprised by the amount of money I collected, will need to get on to writing some thank you letters to everyone and assure them I’ll be spending it on a subscription to Empire magazine and possibly an eReader (I have far too many books to be storing right now!) instead of spending it on rubbish. My lovely lovely house mates clubbed together to get a beautiful heart shaped locket with “Happy 21st Birthday // Love 6 Thompson Road” inscribed on it. I cried. I almost cried last year when they got me a cake so you can imagine the scene something like that caused! They also got some “after sex tissues” and a card with my head stuck over a giant Cinderella too. I assume this was all to make me laugh after getting all emotional and ruining my carefully applied make up and I have to say the plan worked!

So, after some drinks and shots at the house we ventured out into the cold night to a couple bars/pubs but the cold was unable to penetrate my Sambucca induced layer of warmth – alcohol is good for a lot of things you see! Then off we went to jump into two taxis and head over to O2 Academy for Propaganda. Apparently Bloc Party were doing a DJ set but all I can remember is them being announced rather than anything they actually played! But all in all it was a pretty good night with plenty of alcohol/dancing/randomly wandering off/playing cupid/drunk texting/ranting/falling down – the usual student night out as you see! The night was ended with some chips and watching my house mate belt out some songs on Sing Star before curling up in bed to get some much needed sleep.

Can’t really think what else to say, it seems like there’s loads of stuff I should be mentioning but it’s just not coming to me – I did knock my head when I fell to the floor so maybe I have concussion =P

Laters guys

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A new year with old habits…

Well, it’s been about a month since I last wrote something that had nothing to do with uni work or random conversations on Facebook/MSN so it’s probably about time I got something down. Plus I’m epically bored so seems like the perfect waste of time!

So, the last post was about getting snow – it went away for a while and then came back in full force and sent everyone into a blind panic. I don’t think I’ve ever seen snow last for so long without turning into that nasty slushy sort of consistency which was kind of nice, except for having to allow an extra 15-20mins before venturing anywhere in my car to make time to scrape away all the snow and ice from the windscreens and to drive carefully carefully towards my destination and avoid some of the psychos let loose on the roads. That childlike part of me really regrets not making a snowman and engaging people in a snowball fight before the rain washed all the lovely snow away, maybe I’ll get another chance if the weather repeats itself later in the year?

Christmas and New Years passed by surprisingly quickly, probably because I was putting off doing some much needed work for uni until after the festive season – procrastination anyone? I wish I was still able to get ridiculously excited for Christmas but it kind of just feels like a normal day with the added elements of gifts and over indulging on food. New Years was pretty fun though, we tend to get together at friends’ houses throughout the holidays if nobody fancies the pub or going out so New Year was a very extended version of that. Alcohol, games, Nintendo Wii, laughter, “torturing” the cat, gossip and all around good times adds up to an enjoyable night in my book! Plus no hangover surprisingly which makes it even better.

The first week of 2010 shaped up to be a pretty angsty and emotional one. I can’t even get away with the teenage angst excuse seeing as I’ll be turning the big 21 at the end of January so I don’t know how exactly I can excuse away my actions and emotions for that week. Seems to be all sorted now though, even if I did get my hopes a little too high I know where I stand now. All I can come up with is a bit of “que sera sera, whatever will be will be” attitude and just carry on with my life as it is, enjoying it as much as possible and dealing with what might happens when it actually happens. Maybe I should make that my new years resolution, it sounds easier than the usual lose as much weight as possible and get fit on paper but it might prove to be more difficult depending on the circumstances.

I spent a few days back in Sheffield to knuckle down and get into finishing an assignment that needed to be done and handed in ASAP seeing as I was getting no work done at home, even with the high levels of boredom! Luckily it all got done and to what will hopefully be a passing grade within plenty of time, or at least giving me that one evening off before handing it in! Being back in Sheffield was great, even if everybody was a tad stressed out with exam revision and essay writing! I’ll be heading back for good until at least Easter break on the 23rd January to a jam packed timetable of four and a half hours of lectures and seminars =P Guess I have no excuse for working my butt off for my dissertation with that amount of free time!

I’m sure you’ve all probably heard Owl City’s “Fireflies” by now, but I’ve grown to really like it and decided to snatch up a few tracks. Adam Young is giving off a bit of a Postal Service vibe with his music, which I don’t mind cus I like Postal Service, but some people aren’t quite so happy about it =P However, I would suggest listening to ‘Vanilla Twilight’, ‘Hello Seattle’, ‘The Saltwater Room’, ‘Hot Air Balloon’ and ‘The Bird and the Worm’ as they’re my personal favourites =P

It feels like I haven’t been to the cinema in a long long time, I don’t think I even know what the last film I went to see was… Anyways, I really want to go and see Sherlock Holmes and Avatar that are out at the moment. Sherlock Holmes for the pure bad-assery of Robert Downey Jr. and Avatar to see if this reported depression concerning our world is as true as people have reported. Also looking forward to The Lovely Bones, one of my favourite books a few years ago given the Peter Jackson treatment AND being released on my birthday – definitely a sign =P

Can’t think of anything to write about off the top of my head right now so I’m thinking this is a good place to stop and maybe I’ll come back and edit this later on =)


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Let it snow…

So it’s less than a week away until Christmas and it seems like the weather has decided to celebrate the festivities a bit early! Oh well, who can stay mad at snow, it’s like bubbles, it makes you regress to that excited six year old that just wants to play and run and jump around for hours! I managed to venture out into the snow whilst going to a meeting with one of my Uni tutors and got absolutely covered in the stuff but it made it so much better to get back to my nice warm house and getting a hot cup of tea inside me. Also a little spontaneous trip to the library at 1:30am was really cute with all the untouched snow crunching under my feet even if I did almost slip over! Seems like Sheffield was by no means the worst hit though as some pictures on the BBC website show. Maybe we’ll all be lucky enough to really enjoy a proper white Christmas this year! *Fingers crossed*

This week concluded my last week of Uni for the year of 2009! Disregarding needing to work on the doomed Dissertation and an assignment for Stars of Stage and Screen I will have just over a month off to spend some time back in Stourbridge with the family and my college friends, which is always nice! I’m pretty much the only one in my student house that doesn’t get to go home during term time so I have missed some home comforts such as getting at least a few of my meals cooked for me and my mum doing my washing! Since September we’ve had a whole new kitchen fitted so I’m bound to be opening one drawer searching for cutlery and end up opening a drawer full of cling film and kitchen foil – will take some getting used to!

I’m not sure if I mentioned it in my last post, it’s been so long ago, but I have finally made the decision to stay on at Sheffield Hallam to do my Masters Degree in Film Studies with Scriptwriting – quite the big scary step! I’ve handed in my application form to get my old room back in Liberty Works, it’ll be strange being back there with a group of freshers taking up the rooms that I associate with some of my current housemates. Now all I need to do is track down a second referee, finish writitng up a personal statement detailing my hopes and dreams in the film industry and polish up one of the scripts I’ve written to make them want to accept me…. Now that I list it like that it seems like an awful lot to do – wish me luck people!

And by request of a certain housemate that just sat down on the sofa next to me: I LOVE HANNAH RUBY DRABBLE (in a totally non-lesbian way may I add)


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Paranormal Activity…

I really am getting worse and worse at keeping up with this! It’s been over a month since I was typing up my last little post, time has just seemed to be slipping away from me quicker than ever and I don’t even realise it until I start to focus on it.

With each year I’ve spent at Sheffield Hallam University, the time seems to just speed up progressively. This is my third year now and it’s already almost half way through and that scares me more than I thought it would. Coming to university in the first place was just a convenient way to get out of having to go off and find a career that I wanted to stick through for the rest of my life and having to really become an “adult”. But I’ve enjoyed every minute of being here really, even when I was full of the typical teenage angst at times I knew that I needed to be here. I’ve met the best people and I really do hope that I stay in touch with them long after I graduate.

This fear, if that’s the best word, of leaving Sheffield has sparked up my original intention of taking on a year long Postgraduate course in Film and Screenwriting at Hallam this coming September. Too bad my current housemates have already signed a contract for their house next year – looks like it’s back to student halls for me! Another downside would be having to finance the whole year (tuition fees, rent and generally being able to live) out of my own pocket through savings and a regular bank loan. Hello increasing debt! So basically, I need to get crack-a-lackin on tracking down and filling out a bunch of application forms so that I can stick around here for another year. Luckily my parents seem to be pretty supportive of the whole thing, even though it will probably stress them out just as much as me!

Anyway, I originally started writing this to give a little review of Paranormal Activity that I went to see on Wednesday. I’d try not to give away too many spoilers but I feel like I should just warn you all that there may be some because all of this will just be coming off the top of my head!

Paranormal Activity (Certificate: 15, Runtime: 86min)
Warning: Potential Spoilers

Synopsis: Katie (Featherson) and Micah (Sloat) have been hearing more than a few bumps in the night in their new home. Katie has a past history of being haunted by what she believes is a demon intermittently throughout her childhood and various homes she has lived in. Micah decides to buy a camera to record their lives over a period of three weeks and document any strange goings on during the day and night. However, the meddling and alpha-male mentality of Micah seems to anger whatever force is residing in the house and the hauntings become more violent the more that Micah antagonises the unknown entity. Katie becomes more infuriated with Micah for not taking the situation as seriously as she is, such as by bringing a Ouija board into the house after Katie made him promise not to.

Scare Factor: The film switches between the day time, where even a few jokes are made and the audience feels safe enough to laugh at the conversations between Micah and Katie, and the night time, where the audience is straining to analyse every flicker of shadow or creaking sound. Each night, Micah leaves the video camera on a tripod in their bedroom to record whatever might be occurring while he and Katie sleep. He manages to document several phenomena such as objects moving on their own, lights and televisions switching on and off, and sounds ranging from voices and growls to footsteps and loud thuds. The strange occurrences in the middle of the night soon involve Katie awakening to spend several hours standing by the bed and staring at a sleeping Micah, and going outside to sit on the backyard swing. She ultimately does not remember her behavior the following morning. These nighttime events escalate on a massive scale, so much so that the audience is pretty much terrified whenever Katie and Micah get into bed, ultimately wishing the small clock in the bottom right corner of the screen will just whizz through the night as it had done at the start of the film. The last 10minutes or so of Paranormal Activity had me cringing into the back of my seat but unable to look away and actually made me scream for the first time ever during a film. I predict there will be a fair few “footprints in powder” pranks going around for the next month or so.

Rating: If the handheld camera technique makes you feel a bit seasick then this probably isn’t the best film for you to see, but I’d definately give it 4/5 for the tension build ups that had the whole cinema reacting the same way. We were putty in their hands. Would recommend not watching the trailers before viewing though, or else you’ll just be looking out for what you know is going to happen rather than just submerging yourself in the action. Enjoy =)


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Up, up and away…

Well, would you look at that, a new post written without a months wait!

First off, I need to say that Michael McIntyre on Saturday was just awesome and amazing and lots of all the other positive descriptions out there. I think I pretty much laughed my way through the whole of the show but I still can’t really remember a lot about any specific jokes to retell you, and I’m sure that even if I did I couldn’t live up to the performance McIntyre gave! So, if anyone can get themselves some tickets for the extra dates that have been added to the tour then I definately recommend you snap some up!

Along the comedy train of thought, Russell Howard (a.k.a the love of my life) has a brand new show on BBC3 that started this week called Russell Howard’s Good News. Essentially it’s a news based clip show in the same sort of category as Mock the Week and Have I Got News For You but instead of looking at how miserable our lives can be, Russell puts a positive and light hearted spin on current events to get us all laughing. But to be honest, I’m hoping the show gets better as the random guy that kept running on stage dressed as an ostrich or a bee etc etc was a bit over the top and distracting. But as it was the first show I’m sure there will be good things to come, hell I’ll keep watching it just to look at him so it doesn’t matter too much.

On Wednesday I went to see Pixar’s latest film, Up in 3D (of course everybody looks amazingly sexy in their free 3D glasses…). I had high hopes for the film going on Pixar’s pretty legendary reputation and I can’t say that I was disapointed in the slightest. By no means will it be considered high art but it was a very enjoyable film to go and see with a bunch of friends and just laugh along to (I seriously want my own Dug the Dog, he’s just so cute and unintentionally hilarious). Usually with comedic films there is a mistake in putting the handful of genuinely funny moments into the trailer and so after the public seeing the same clip over and over again before they’ve even seen the film it can kind of take the magic away. Fortunately there were plenty more funny moments besides the footage used for the trailers. There were also some scenes during the montage in the first 15mins of the film which had the entire cinema either crying, on the verge of tears or at least a little choked up. I think because nobody was really expecting anything like that to happen in a Pixar film it made it more shocking than if it had happened in a live action film.

Yesterday I bought a Gold membership at the Sheffield Hallam gym in the hopes of getting fit (in every sense of the word) and I’m actually strangely looking forward to getting started into a routine and hopefully seeing some good results! I was on a healthy eating kick for like a week but I’m too easily persuaded to opt for the somewhat unhealthy alternatives, case in point as I was writing this one of my housemates came and asked if I wanted to order a pizza with them – my plan for chicken and rice went right out the window!

I’m gonna wrap this one up now, thanks for reading =)

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Dissertations, Drama and Debt…

Seems like every time I write one of these I start off by apologising for the huge time gap between my last entry and the present one. To put it simply, I’m sorry. There were a couple weeks where I was just stressed out emotionally due to personal circumstances that I don’t see fit to talk about here (hey, some things have got to be private – even in the blogging world) and just having lots of other distracting stuff going on around me. So, I just really didn’t have any desire to write about some current events I didn’t really care about. Plus there was my the beginning of my third year at Sheffield Hallam Uni so I guess you guys can let me off for trying to enjoy Freshers Week and having all my house mates move back in and getting used to living with them all over again (some parts good, some parts bad, what’s new?). So after having a draft left only partially written and left untouched for weeks and weeks I decided to just jabber on at you guys a bit more about whatever pops into my head purely for the sake of posting something.

Well, as I said I’m now in my third year at SHU and it’s been pretty scary in a number of ways. Luckily I don’t have any exams this year (3 years here and only 1 exam – score) but that kind of makes way for all the other coursework I need to do. Before Christmas I need to write assignments for my Music in Film and Stars of Stage and Screen modules alongside trying to make some sort of progress on my Film Dissertation. But other than the work load, the scary thing about being in third year is having to think about the future. I can’t imagine myself out in the real world with and actual career rather than just working part-time and I’ll be so sad to leave Sheffield and all the friends I’ve made here. In a way these were the reasons that inspired me to consider a Postgraduate course as I could stay here and enjoy being a student for as long as possible – maybe I’ll just fail this year so I can do it again =P

Instead of buying and reading the books that I need for Semester 2 I’ve instead been gracing Waterstones with my presence and custom for probably and hour every few weeks since the summer (they love me in there I’m sure). My latest purchases were The Princess Bride by William Goldman, Starting Over by Tony Parsons and The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. Managed to get through them all pretty quickly being the geek that I am (…Wallflower was finished in less than a day) and it’s made me more enthusiastic about picking up a book when I settle down somewhere cosy. I suppose after being told what to read and when for so many years for my course it’s kind of had the fun sucked out of it by having to stick to a rigid schedule and analysing the hell out of every section of the novel rather than just enjoying it for what it is.

Tonight is the night people. Tonight I will be off to see Michael McIntyre at Sheffield Arena with two of my course friends and I actually can’t wait! I remember booking the tickets months and months ago and now all of a sudden time has flown by and here I am hoping for an amazing show in just a few hours. I guess I can’t really say much about the show until I’ve actually seen it so hopefully I’ll remember to mention it in my next post.

I guess this year isn’t a great time to be a celebrity as Stephen Gately has been added to the list of celebrity deaths of 2009 alongside Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcett, John Hughes, David Carradine, Natasha Richardson, Bea Arthur, Les Paul, Walter Cronkite, Patrick Swayze and many other people, either celebrity or notable persons. Many people have been talking about some sort of trend in the deaths that have been happening in such a short space of time but I tend to agree with the writer of this when I say this: Death happens. It’s sad but it’s true. Be thankful for the life that you have and enjoy it as much as possible, it’s the only one you’re going to have.


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So long summer…

So much for me getting back on track with writing this blog a little more frequently, it’s been over two weeks since my last update so I’m feeling a little guilty – not that I have some huge fanbase to please or anything like that! Time has just seemed to have slipped away from me recently and this is probably linked to how the summer is ending and I’m about to start the dreaded third year at university very soon and I’m not prepared for it in the slightest. I still need to buy my various novels for the English side of my course (and read them obviously) and come up with a Film Dissertation title before getting started on actually doing the research for it… Bad times people! But still, on a brighter note I’m back in Sheffield and in my student house which I’ve surprisingly settled into pretty quickly but still needing to sort out a few bits and pieces – damn procrastination!

So, on Wednesday 9th September I was more than excited to see if Derren Brown could predict that nights Lottery Numbers. A small part of me wanted him to fail miserably but in reality I pretty much knew he’d pull it off, after all the man has managed to do some pretty amazing stunts in his career so there isn’t really too much doubt about him succeeding this time around too. So surprise surprise, he predicted that the numbers for that weeks lotto draw would be: 2, 11, 23, 28, 35 and 39. At the time of writing this I’m watching his follow up show which is claiming to explain how he managed to predict the numbers. So far I’ve seen him make a woman put her hands into boxes that may contain a mouse, make a guy stamp barefoot over a number of polystyrene cups where one of them contained a knife pointing straight up (was later revealed that they couldn’t use an actual knife, health and safety of course, it was actually a mouse). But I’m still unsure as how this is really meant to help me win the lottery, I’m a poor student, I need that money to pay off my masses of debt so I feel like I deserve it =P Besides, Derren Brown is part of The Magic Circle and so therefore is bound by their rules and is forbidden to reveal any of his secrets so I’m pretty sure that he won’t be telling us all how to win our fortune! Right now he has a group of random members of the public trying to predict the numbers and then averaging their predictions out to make the final prediction and apparently that’s how he did it – surely there must be something more to it? Oh, here comes the “fixing the machine” option…

I suppose I can’t really blow past today without mentioning 9/11 can I? There have been a handful of television programmes on this week but I only managed to watch the whole of one of these. It told the stories of those trapped in the two Trade Centre towers through the friends and family they had left behind. It was heartbreaking to actually hear the voices of the various people trying to escape the buildings as they left messages for their loved ones, espescially as one of them was speaking at the very moment the first tower collapsed and leaving the line dead. It’s strange that only in the past few years I can fully understand and comprehend what happened that day. I think when the tragedy happened I was too young to appreciate exactly what had happened, sure I knew what had literally happened and felt sad for everybody affected by it but I guess I was still a bit too naive. So, let’s remember that today is ‘No News Is Good News Day’ (it’s also Make Your Bed Day but that doesn’t seem quite as appropriate) and wish everyone well in the world *Karma Hug* =P Also, I know a few people with Birthdays and Wedding Anniversaries etc today so I think it’s best to focus on the good things in life and keep a positive outlook. It’s all silver linings people! =)

Suppose I better get going,
Thanks for reading,

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Let’s get back on track…

Woops, time seems to have slipped away from me once again! It’s been over a week since my last post, not that I was expecting anybody to be chomping at the bit and anticipating my next little entry! But yeah, over the last week and few days I’ve been trying to keep in mind all the stuff I wanted to put into this so *fingers crossed* I’ll be able to remember it all and try and keep you all entertained for a while.

Might be easier if I just keep all my boring day to day life commentary short and sweet cus I know it’s not exactly thrilling stuff but I feel that there’s been a lot happening since last time. Here we go:

Tuesday 18th August…
~ Today was the day that Alex Goodwin turned 20 and to celebrate we all went bowling. He loves it, mainly cus he’s pretty much guaranteed to beat all of us no matter what, the boy could do it blind folded and still probably do better than me – git. But still, Goody owes Pitcher £20 after he made a bet against him that Pitcher wouldn’t bowl a strike on his next turn. Guess what? Pitcher got himself a lovely strike, what perfect timing is that? After our two games we headed into the arcade to raid the 2p and 10p slot machine games which can get surprisingly addictive! I managed to win a keychain of a green dragon amongst lots and lots of change so it kind of seemed worth it to me =P

Wednesday 19th August…
~ I went with my big brother/his girlfriend/”the guys” to see Inglourious Basterds – What. A. Film! The screen was pretty much full due to a combination of it being Orange Wednesdays (2 for 1 tickets for those not in the know) at Odeon, it being the first day of release for the film and the general aura of awesomeness that surrounded the build up to the release of Inglourious Basterds. I don’t want to write too much about the content for fear of being attacked for revealing spoilers but I have to say that the legend that is Quentin Tarantino really pulled out all the stops with this film. It had a wonderful intense script, gorgeously shot and soundtracked etc etc. I can’t recommend it enough basically. I understand that some people might be a little bit put off by going to see it and instead opt for a nice fluffy romantic comedy but you can always leave that until afterwards to cheer yourself up if you were really that bothered by Inglourious Basterds.

Friday 21st August…
~ Went round Pitcher’s house with a couple of friends for a furious game of Scrabble (yeah, we’re cool, get over it). It was only on this night that I realised it would be the last time I’d see Pitcher and Birdy until maybe Christmas time because of clashing holidays/moving back to different universities and such. I’ve known these guys since the start of college but I really do love them and the fact that we can be all separated for a long time whilst we’re all living our university/college lives but can still come together and slot back into the usual routines like no time has passed whatsoever. Good times.

Saturday 22nd August…
~ Last minute packing for Sheffield and waiting around for Dad to sort himself out so that he could be my lovely chauffeur and drive me up there and complete various DIY tasks for me (this week, hanging a mirror) which is pretty much the usual stuff. The only difference this time was that I was only taking my very small suitcase instead of my larger one plus loads of other random bags for shoes/laptop/speakers etc because I would only be in Sheffield for the weekend instead of a week or more.
~ I also entered that days EuroMillions draw, it was something like £64,000,000 jackpot so I figured I might as well get in on the action and bring my lottery entries up to a grand total of two… Anyways, I WON! It was only £5.60 mind but I don’t usually win at anything so I was pretty happy.

Sunday 23rd August…
~ Today was the whole reason I was in Sheffield because it was Drabble’s birthday party! I was pretty angsty because I thought I wouldn’t know a lot of the people that were going to be there but it ended up being a pretty damn good night! I drank quite a lot, including necking a good percentage of Sambuca straight out of the bottle – how classy am I? The night was somewhat marred by one of the neighbours deciding to throw his weight around and threaten us in regards to the volume of the music we were playing and he even called the Police who didn’t really do anything other than say if they had to come back they would be asking people to leave. Also, it turned out that there weren’t too many people I didn’t know and there was a surprise apperance by three guys that used to come into the Sainsbury’s I work at and I spent a while having a good chat with them. Through these conversations I found out that a good handful of my Sainsbury’s colleagues have been given an assortment of nicknames by their group, including Trout, Hobgoblin, Cottonmouth, Puddin, Hitler, Churchnut etc. Luckily my given nickname wasn’t so bad as I’d been dubbed “Nice Lass”. That is something I can live with =)

Monday 24th August…
~ Surprisingly no hangover this morning and even managed to get up at a reasonable time before heading out for lunch with everyone, keeping George company whilst he handed out CVs, repacking my little suitcase and helping clean up the mess from the previous night before heading off to get a train back to Birmingham New Street. I hadn’t gotten a train from Sheffield in ages as usually my Dad drops me off and collects me again, but I’d forgotten how much I actually quite liked being on a train and getting to eavesdrop and people watch for an hour or so. Even managed to get a seat pretty easily considering it was during the after work rush so all was good.

Tuesday 25th August…
~ Today was my Mum’s birthday and once again I succeeded in making her cry by picking out the perfect card for her. Choosing cards seems to be one of my seemingly pathetic and fairly useless talents in life but hey, a talent is a talent. The family went to a meal at The Foley, our usual destination of The Fountain was all booked up so The Foley is kind of like our back up. There was a revamped menu which was really good seeing as the last few times I’ve eaten there the food has been pretty, well, rank. New food was yum though =)
~ Now I’m not a huge Football Fanatic but even I was a little annoyed over the riot that started at the Millwall vs. West Ham match. I thought that we had gotten passed all the clichéd thuggery that goes along with football – it just seems so pointless to me – it’s a GAME people! Don’t treat it like some sort of life and death situation. Fans stormed the pitch three times and proceeded to fight against each other both before and after the match. Read more about it here.

Wow, seems like I’ve managed to take my “short and sweet” brief and go on another epic ramble… Sorry about that! So, here are a few news stories and articles that caught my attention over the last couple days if any of you want to check them out…

~ Big Brother axed by C4 – finally!
~ Kung Fu nun pulls cars with her hair – how can you resist a headline like that?
~ Can the internet cure insomia? – If it did, I would be sleeping SO much better instead of lying awake at 4am…
~ MTV to make US version of Skins – America need to let us have stuff for ourselves!
~ Comedy awards line up announced – Come on Russell Kane!
~ Police ‘burglars’ target houses – How friggin’ scared would you be to wake up to a Policeman standing over your bed to tell you your front door is open?


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It’s just another manic Monday…

Well actually it’s not been manic at all as I have done pretty much nothing all day long, but it is Monday so at least I’m half right… But yes, it is Monday, start of a new week, so it seems like a good day to write another one of these posts =)

So, what’s been going on in my little life since my last blog? Well, on Saturday we decided to head over to The Badger’s Sett for some drinks (non-alcoholic in my case as I had to drive) and some chatter. I was feeling in a bit of a girly mood, it doesn’t happen very often so I figured I’d take advantage! So, I donned a nice new skirt and my highest of high heels and off I went. Didn’t quite factor in the whole having to drive to the pub when I was getting ready though so driving in those heels was a very strange feeling but I did make it to the pub all in one piece so that’s what matters! Besides, the short skirt and heels combo seems to actually work when it comes to winning the affections of bartenders as I managed to get a bigger chocolate brownie sundae in comparison to Birdy and Pitcher! Birdy was obviously gutted, he kept eyeing up my scrumptious sundae =P

Maybe there is something to be learned from this, show a bit of leg and a bit of cleavage and reap the benefits! Highly doubt I’ll be doing it again any time soon though! This is because with every yummy ice cream sundae there is a pervy old man to ruin all the fun! After some Guitar Hero and watching Cassetteboy videos (The Bloody Apprentice, Harry Potter1, Harry Potter2, Jeremy Clarkson, be warned, not exactly PG videos) after the pub I headed back home to remember that my Mum and Dad were at a house party a couple doors up the street from us. So being the good and thoughtful daughter I headed round to check that they had some keys in case I went to bed and locked the front door. I only intended to nip in and out but my Mum handed me a glass of Cava and started introducing me to every person that walked passed us (how embarrassing), even people I already knew! To add to the embarrassment I had to endure anyone over the age of 40 telling me what I beautiful girl I have grown up to be yadda yadda yadda. Soon after I was dragged onto the dancefloor by some random man I don’t remember the name of, much to the amusement of my Dad who kept taking photos! I ended up leaving about 1:30am to escape all the madness and get myself out of the skirt and heels that had caused me so much trouble.

Well now, that brings us on to Sunday! Didn’t really get up to much during the day but Sundays mean Pub Quiz at The Foley Arms. Our little group has been going for 2 or 3 years now so it’s become a bit of a tradition, even if the group has gotten smaller over the years. About a month ago Goody, Jess, Laura and myself managed to win for the first time EVER – we screamed and cheered our hearts out (well, maybe Goody didn’t, he’s too much of a man) and sent texts to Birdy and Pitcher to tell them what they’d missed out on. Luckily, they were both in attendance yesterday as we managed to win for a second time with an epic score of 45/60, much to the annoyance of the group of lads sat at the table next to us (pah, they had a measly score of 37). We may have only won £50 between the 6 of us, but it’s all about the pride of winning =P

I had some stuff to talk about news wise but maybe I’ll save that for next time cus I feel like I’ve rambled on quite a lot… Plus I’m about to head over to Birdy’s for another little group gathering =)

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Posted by: fuzzleface | August 14, 2009

Let there be rock…

Basically, I’m watching three of my buds play Guitar Hero:World Tour, I would play but as there’s only the microphone left and I’m not that brave to sing in public again I figured I’d give it a miss! So instead, here I am writing some more pointless rubbish to entertain myself, and hopefully you guys, for about five minutes…

To update yesterdays news about the passing of Les Paul, many musicians including Guns N’ Roses’ Slash, U2’s The Edge, The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson and Billy Gibbons of band ZZ Top have been making statements and paying their tributes to the musician and inventor. Apparently some people were unaware of who Les Paul was and what he did for the music industry (mentioning no names…. ALEX BIRD) so if you’re one of them I suggest you follow the link on my previous blog that will take you over to his Wikipedia page (the source of all knowledge obviously). Also, check out this comic for a quick summary of his achievements.

I don’t really pay attention to politics much, most of the time it goes right over my head but I am clever enough to not take on the “oh it doesn’t affect me so why should I bother?” mentality. Something that has caught my attention recently was the uproar concerning Tory MEP Daniel Hannan pretty much slagging off our NHS system when he appeared on an American news programme. Fair enough there are improvements to be made to the system but for the most part I doubt that anybody in this country has not benefited from the free healthcare provided by the NHS. There has been a lot of support over on Twitter, headed by celebrities such as Stephen Fry and Jonathan Ross, which just goes to show how much we need to show a little bit of patriotism and stand up for a system that has done so much for us.

Well, I’m feeling a bit antisocial now so I’m just gonna leave that there and rejoin the group and play some Guitar Hero for myself! Peer Pressure Alert!

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